The Avenue

2016-2017 Staff

Jenny Castañeda

Jenny is one of the founders of the Avenue. She wrote articles such as anti-bullying awareness and school events like the Avenue’s trip to Depaul. "My passion is to write and inspire others by my upcoming work. I’d love to...

Olivia Wiselogel

Olivia Wiselogel is a sophomore writer at DePaul Prep. Olivia's favorite sport is volleyball and she loves photography. She says she likes working on The Avenue because allows her to do an extracurricular outside of sports and...

Avery Downes

Avery Downes is a Sophomore writer and Sports Editor at DePaul Prep. She is the oldest of four kids and loves to play basketball. She likes journalism because it is away for her to express herself and a way to tell people what's...

Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie Nguyen is a senior writer and head editor at DePaul Prep. Stephanie's favorite color is purple and she loves music. She likes journalism because she can get news out to the world that people need to know.

Maggie Hollerman

Maggie Hollerman is a junior writer and news editor at DePaul College Prep Prep. Maggie can do the splits and loves to take photos. She likes to write for The Avenue because she likes being able to be creative and has always h...

Danny Adams

Danny Adams is a DePaul College Prep senior writer. Danny has 3.5 siblings, and his favorite color is red. He likes journalism because it allows him to make sure people are informed and he can help someone shape their world views.

Zach Burhans

Zach Burhans is a sophomore writer at DePaul College Prep. He plays baseball and basketball and history is his favorite subject. Zach enjoys writing for The Avenue because he can express what he sees in the school and he can w...

Shoni Herrera

Shoni Herrera is a senior at DePaul College Prep and an editor for The Avenue. Shoni loves science and is an IB student. She enjoys writing because she likes using her creativity and imagination. She also says it helps her deve...

Rafaella Ambrosio

Rafaella Ambrosio is an IB junior at DePaul College Prep. Rafy loves learning languages, and is an advocate for global education. As photo editor, she started The Avenue's photo journalism page on tumblr and edits the feature...

Hanna Jeong

Hanna Jeong is a senior at DePaul College Prep. She is from Korea and loves to watch movies. She likes to write because she feels satisfied after writing and she loves the art of researching and reporting.

Elena Reilly

Elena Reilly is a senior photographer and writer at DePaul College Prep and is from Guatemala. She also enjoys walking and skiing. She says she like photography because she can be really creative through it no matter what.

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