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  • Avenue Meets DePaulia

    Avenue Meets DePaulia

    Jennifer Castaneda, Junior Writer

    March 13, 2017

    The journalism club took a field trip to DePaul University last Friday. The reason was to give the club members an idea of how news publications operate and a basic overview of courses that dealt with journalism. As a member of the club, I would say that my overall experience was inspirational and captivating....

The iPhone X

Magdalena Ellett, Sophomore Writer

The time of year has finally come and Apple has launched two new phones; the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Apple users have been waiting for the fall arrival of the new iPhones for several months, following many rumors and keeping...

October 17, 2017No Comments

Massive Earthquakes Devastates the People of Mexico

Serena Tran, Freshman writer

Over the course of the past week, the people of Mexico have been impacted by major earthquakes, which has left the community in a state of terror. A 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit Oaxaca on Sunday, September 24th and a 6.1 magnit...

October 3, 2017No Comments

DePaul College Prep Presents The Festival of the Arts

Olivia Wiselogel, Freshman Writer

On Friday, May 5th, DePaul College Prep hosted the annual Festival of the Arts event, featuring a wide range of showcases and performances by DePaul Prep's student body. Check out the featured video to learn more about the...

May 11, 2017No Comments

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A Word of Advice to the Freshmen

Avery Downes, Sophomore Writer

The transition from eighth grade to high school can often be nerve racking and scary. You might not know anyone, the work load is harder, and you aren't the oldest anymore. Not to fear, for the older kids at DePaul College...

August 25, 2017No Comments

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Varsity Girls Volleyball Takes a W Against St. Francis de Sales

Avery Downes, Sports Editor

On Thursday, September 28, our DePaul Prep Rams’ girls volleyball team faced off against the Francis de Sales Pioneers in the Tom Winiecki Gymnasium. The girls varsity volleyball team was 10-7, but n...

October 3, 2017No Comments

Rams Win Intense Game Against Lane Tech Indians

Rams Win Intense Game Against Lane Tech Indians

October 4, 2016

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The Student News Site of DePaul College Prep
The Student News Site of DePaul College Prep