DCP Against St. Ignatius

Angie Gonzalez, Freshman Writer

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I’m at Habeleter Bowl, where the women’s bowling team is playing against St. Ignatius in
their second game of the season, after beating Loyola Academy 1875-1318.
At the beginning of the game, I asked freshman Izzy Wroten why she wanted to do bowling.
“My dad bowls and it’s really fun and different from other sports.” She said. She’s one of the only
freshmen on the team, with Heather Sotomayor. In the middle of the first game, Izzy asked if she
could go to the practice lanes, as she wasn’t producing a lot of points. Heather came in for her.
Other girls on the team were doing quite well, Liz Malarski and Katie Griggs specifically.
Both in their junior year, they were producing at least 80 points a game each.
A the end of the first game, they lost 566-600. They also lost their second game, 570-636. They
were all working hard but St. Ignatius caught up with them and took their lead every game.
While I was watching the game, I noticed that these girls are very comfortable with each
other. It’s almost the same dynamic as a family. They support one another, even when someone
doesn’t score that high. No one puts another person down, no matter what.
They lost all of their games, but they will keep working harder to have a better season.