Everyday is Christmas for Sia in Her New Holiday Album

Stephanie Nguyen, Editor in Chief

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It’s that time of the year where streets are filled with Christmas lights and artists create their own Christmas album, one being Australian singer, Sia. Well-known for her pop single, “Chandelier,” the aussie artist released, Everyday is Christmas on November 17, 2017. With only ten tracks, Sia showcases an album that will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Diving into “Everyday is Christmas,” the recording opens with Track 1, “Santa’s Coming For Us.” Combining jazz with pop, Sia creates an upbeat tune that contributes to the Christmas theme album. The use of trumpets and the xylophone gives the track a playful tone, and the background vocals with the “da, da, da’s” formulates a bepop sound. Sia also incorporates symbols of the winter time to express a larger image, which is shown in the song, “Snowflake.” The track itself features a more solemn tone, as Sia expresses leaving someone. Like how a snowflake is one of its kind, Sia uses this idea to talk about a special person in her life and how she will need to hide the person from being taken away from her. Also, she sings about how she protects her “snowflake,” which relates to how a snowflake is fragile and also refers to the snowflake as her “sweet.” By using an affectionate nickname, Sia adds a more personal element to the song. It is evident that in Everyday is Christmas, Sia shows a more playful side of herself, which is heard in her song, “Puppies Are Forever.” The song combines two things that most people love: cute puppies and Christmas. Sia sings of wanting a puppy that she sees, and how she found her best friend. The puppies are described as being “cute and fluffy with shiny coats.” The singer also adds dogs barking in the background, bringing the theme of the song to life. The mere idea of puppies creates a cheerful mood to the song, and by gushing over the puppies, it makes listeners feel warm and soft inside.

With songs about Christmas and puppies, Sia’s Everyday is Christmas is an album that represents the cheerful holiday season. The use of jazz within the generally pop tracks successfully created music that people can enjoy during the holiday season and still hear the familiar pop sound Sia is known for. To see if Sia’s holiday album lives up to the Christmas spirit, take a listen for yourself on Spotify or iTunes.