Chicago Gun Laws

Parker Casey, Freshman Writer

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Chicago gun laws have been known to be one of the strictest gun laws, yet Chicago has a reputation for being a violent city. This is a very common misconception in today’s society even though this was true a decade ago. Even President Trump tweeted about it, “The most stringent gun laws in the U.S. happen to be in Chicago – and look what is happening there!” This tweet was published July 10, 2014, before announcing his Presidential candidate in 2015. In the last seven years, gun laws have changed significantly. Previously in June, 2010, the ban on handguns was lifted by the Supreme Court. In December, 2012, the Illinois Concealed Carry Ban was lifted in a court decision, but there are restrictions on where people can carry concealed guns. In July, 2013, the Firearm Concealed Carry Act went to affect, which provided regulations for concealed carry. Chicago ended it’s gun registry in September, 2013. In January, 2014, a judge rejected the ban in Chicago gun shops. In 2017 there has been a minor drop in violence in Chicago. From the beginning of the year to the end of the first quarter the total amount of people who were killed from gun violence dropped 9.5 percent. From those who were shot from the beginning of the year to the end of the first quarter it was down 13 percent. As well as Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles are experiencing a decline in violence too. In Illinois, in order to have a gun in your possession, you must have a Firearm Owner’s identification card. But that does not mean you can carry it wherever you go. A Class A misdemeanor is if you knowingly carry a firearm around with and it is your first offense. This can lead up to a year in a county jail and $2,500 fine. It is the second offense it is a class 3 felony. This can lead up to 5 years in prison.