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Indie-Pop Band Alvvays is Back with Sophomore Album, Antisocialites

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Indie-Pop Band Alvvays is Back with Sophomore Album, Antisocialites

Caleb Marchant, Sophomore Writer

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Get ready to free up 32 minutes of your day because Canadian dream pop band, Alvvays (pronounced “always”) is back with Antisocialites. The band, fronted by vocalist/guitarist Molly Rankin, released their sophomore album on September 8, 2017. About 3 years after their self-titled debut album, Alvvays released a new song, “In Undertow”, on their YouTube channel in early June. A month later they released another new song, “Dreams Tonite”, and it was met with positive feedback from fans and newcomers. They began playing these two songs live, hyping fans up for the next release. The 10 track album was quickly sold out on the indie bands website.

Alvvays has been recording songs for this album since 2015, and the songs that made it onto the album have gone through many changes. The 9th track, “Saved By A Waif”, went through three different name changes and numerous different live performances. The whole album gives off a different feeling, lyrically, from the first album. The 4th track, “Your Type”, sounds like a nice pop tune on the outside, but the lyrics paint a strange story about never being the right girl for a guy who doesn’t sound too nice. “Ditch your friends on a whim…Kill the buzz with your decrees and conspiracy theories.” These two lines show us what kind of person this guy is, which is someone who ditches his friends and kills the vibe at parties. But still, the singer says “I die on the inside every time…I will never be your type” The 2nd track “Dreams Tonite” is about the singer falling in love at first sight. The line “If I saw you in the street would I have you in my dreams tonight?” has the protagonist asking a rhetorical question of, “if I see this stranger again, will I remember him through the night?” Going past the lyrics, Molly Rankin’s soft singing voice blends perfectly with the almost-quiet piano, making you feel like you’re in a dream.

This album goes in a different direction with each song but still captures a dream-like feeling in every track. “Dreams Tonite” is a slower song that is led by a piano/soft guitar combo, but the track right after it, “Plimsoll Punks,” is louder and faster. After that, each track keeps the same fast energy, up until the final song on the album – “Forget About Life.” “Forget About Life” starts off with Rankin’s, the lead singer, voice overpowering the rest of the instruments, but slowly, by the end of the second chorus, the music unfolds into something that sounds like it came from a Gorillaz album. However, this only lasts for about 20 seconds before Rankin’s sweet voice interrupts with a third chorus that brings the song home. A song about looking forward, “Forget About Life” is a nice finish to an album about a breakup.

Antisocialites is a very solid sophomore album, fixing what didn’t work in the first one. It’s not a perfect album though. Somewhere around the middle, the lyrics start to sound a bit samey and kind of repetitive. Two songs, “Already Gone,” and “Hey,” feel like fillers that they could have been replaced by something better, or at least fixed up a bit. Overall, it’s a very good jangle pop, dream pop, whatever you want to call it, album. In conclusion, the album is a 7.5-8/10. Give it a listen or go see Alvvays at Thalia Hall on November 3. Or don’t.

Hear Antisocialites on Spotify or YouTube.

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Indie-Pop Band Alvvays is Back with Sophomore Album, Antisocialites