Massive Earthquakes Devastates the People of Mexico

Serena Tran, Freshman writer

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Over the course of the past week, the people of Mexico have been impacted by major earthquakes, which has left the community in a state of terror. A 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit Oaxaca on Sunday, September 24th and a 6.1 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, September 23rd, centering Oaxaca state near Matias Romero. In the midst of these recent disasters, Mexico has been coping with the damage from a previous 7.1 magnitude temblor that had occurred on Tuesday, September 19th, closer towards the capital of Mexico, and an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that struck on September 8th, near Chiapas state. So far, in total, Mexico has had 314 earthquakes in the past 30 days. Since Tuesday’s earthquake, the death toll has climbed to 330, according to Luis Felipe Puente, Mexico’s civil protection coordinator.

Researchers say this is the result of rupture fault lines within the North American tectonic plates. Fault lines are lines on a rock surface or the ground that trace a geological fault. When fault lines rupture, they can cause more ruptures, kind of like a chain effect. “Mexico City is at high risk because of its soft and wet ground, the soil is prone to liquefaction, or the ability to turn dirt into liquid when churned,” wrote seismologist and director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, John Vidal.

There are remainders of destruction everywhere: collapsed homes, businesses, bridges, and piles of rubble left on the streets. Currently, President Enrique Peña Nieto has situated more than 3,000 soldiers to provide aid and visit rescue sites. Despite this traumatic catastrophe, the community has managed to come together to help those in need. Volunteers showed up and spent their days helping sufferers. Government officials first told these volunteers that no more help was needed, but more people kept showing up with donations and offering help. Restaurants are serving free meals, hotels are letting residents spend the night free, hospitals are offering free service, doctors, veterinarians, engineers, nurses, and architects are working double time at no cost, and so on. This is the face of a strong community persevering together, working to recreate the once beautiful towns that are now unrecognizable.

In the face of anguish, the citizens of Mexico have been able to help each other. Now it’s our turn to help. Our community, however we can, can play a part in helping the people suffering through this. We can donate money, food, water, clothing, hygiene products, medicine, and much more. You can donate money to multiple international organizations working to help Mexico such as:



There are many ways we can get involved. We all have so much to give, and should be thankful that we have materials to spare. While we can rest in the comfort of our homes, there are people in Mexico who have to sleep in shelters with strangers. While we can wake up to a home cooked breakfast, there are people who are only getting one meal a day. While we go into our closets to grab a freshly washed pair of clothes, there are people in Mexico who have lost all of their possessions. However you can, remember to help because even a little goes a long way.