A Word of Advice to the Freshmen

Avery Downes, Sophomore Writer

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The transition from eighth grade to high school can often be nerve racking and scary. You might
not know anyone, the work load is harder, and you aren’t the oldest anymore. Not to fear, for the
older kids at DePaul College Prep would like to share some advice with you to help make your
transition a little smoother.

“My advice would be, to not let people prevent you from accomplishing what you think you can.
People say a lot ‘You’re just a freshmen.’ Well, there have been a multitude of freshmen that have
made so many amazing accomplishments that only seniors have accomplished. Being a
freshmen does not prevent anyone from making high level accomplishments. I was able to
become president as a freshman. In addition to that, there have been many freshmen that have
made varsity spots, so being a freshman never limits what can be accomplished. All in all, what
I’m saying is to follow your passion no matter what, even if people hold you back. Try your
-Riley McLoughlin (10)

“Plan your time wisely, and do not start drama.”
-Student (10)

“You can’t just wait for people to be your friends. You have to put yourself out there and put
work into maintaining your friendships.”
-Alfredo MacLaughlin (10)

“Focus and study, and you will do well trust me.”
-Mia Lopez (10)

“Keep in touch with everyone. You never know who will be your friend at the end of the year.”
-Zach Burhans (10)

“Okay so I guess I have a couple of things I have to say are don’t slack off. I know freshman year
might seem easy but as the years go on it gets harder especially if you are going to challenge
yourself to harder classes. If you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. Whether it’s with an adult
or an upper class men. Try to avoid all the drama with people because that will just add to all the
stress you have. If you are lucky enough to play a varsity sport as a freshmen don’t be cocky
about it because the upper class men will notice and say something. Also, enjoy your time being a freshmen. It goes by fast. When I first heard this I didn’t believe them, but it’s true. Life only
gets harder so enjoy what you have right now.”
-Kira Nishibayashi (12)

“Take notes while your teacher is talking. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers questions.”
-Max Finch (10)

“I would say just be yourself; you are still finding out who you are. Always be prepared for your
classes. The first year will seem really easy and you might want to take the easy way out. Don’t
do that. Stay focused, but have fun! Make sure you talk to your teacher face to face during class
before or after if you need help. The more you connect with your teachers the more they notice
you care! Make yourself heard as well! Join clubs. It’s okay to be in one or as many as you want,
but don’t overload yourself. Be in it because you enjoy it. Try a sport as well! Good luck!”
-Elena Reilly (12)

“Do your best not compare yourself to others. Everyone is nervous and probably feels the same
way you do. So just go into every new situation with a positive attitude and open mind!”
-Olivia Wiselogel (10)

“Freshman year is a big year, it’s a time to make new friends, and discover yourself. My advice is
to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to stand out because people will accept you for
who you are.”
-Evelyn Puma (10)

Freshmen year is a time to make friends and try new things. Don’t feel intimidated because every
one is going through similar things. Hopefully after reading these you feel at peace and relaxed
about high school.
Have a great first year!