And Why We Should Never EVER Take Them for Granted.

Rafaella Ambrosio, Sophmore Writer

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“Dad, where’s mom?” is probably one of the most asked questions in my household. Moms are problem solvers, personal drivers, teachers, supporters, and everything in between. In English class today, I was reading the book, Things fall apart. In chapter 14, the character Uchendu makes a very valid point. In fact, it was so valid, that I wrote this article.

“It’s true that a child belongs to its father. But when a father beats his child, it seeks sympathy in its mother’s hut. A man belongs to his fatherland when things are good and life is sweet. But when there is sorrow and bitterness he finds refuge in his motherland.” (Achebe, pg. 127)

Moms are our best support group and defense. So next time, when you’re mom is nagging you to put on a coat (even though it’s really not cold outside) or giving you some of that *extra tough* love, remember that she’s doing it out of love for you. Never, ever take that for granted.

So with that, mom, Happy Mothers Day!