How to Survive High School: A Guide by the Class of 2017

Yeshay Choden, Stephanie Nguyen, and Elena Reilly, Junior Writers

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As the end of the school year approaches, the seniors begin wrapping up their final days of high school. With the class of 2017 giving their goodbyes, the junior class will step up and fill the roles of leaders of the school, sophomores venture onto an important year for college preparation, freshmen complete their first year of high school, and incoming students for the next school year will soon become a new addition to the DePaul College Prep community. Establishing their legacy, the students of the class of 2017 have left some advice for the remaining underclassmen as they continue their path through high school. Here’s what they have to say:

“Do your homework – it really helps cushion your grade if you really need it by the time it’s finals. Be friends with your teachers – it may sound weird, but honestly, they’re just there to help you and make your learning experience as easy as possible (and it puts them in a better mood, too).” – Krista Cabiltes

“Work hard, but find the perfect balance of having fun with friends and enjoying high school.” – McKeely Malas

“Stay focused on your grades because you don’t want to spend the rest of high school trying to pick up your GPA. Sophomores and Juniors, focus on your ACT and SAT score and also college. Seniors, finish high school on a high note and don’t slack off.” – Eve Sanchez

“Don’t be afraid to make new friends and talk to most people in the class. Make sure you have enough time to finish your homework whether it’s at home or in school. Get some good sleep! If you think you have senioritis when you’re a freshman or sophomore…you have no idea what’s coming. Join clubs, play a sport, or do both! Joke around with teachers but know when your joking around too much. A detention isn’t that big of a deal. Suck it up!” – Joe Flores

“Enjoy everyday and make the most of every moment! You know how people say that high school goes by in a flash? If you don’t take time to stop, pause and enjoy the moment, the best years of your life will go right by you.” – Eric La Luz

“Incoming freshmen: Have fun and don’t worry too much about being successful right off the bat, high school is a transition that takes time. Sophomores: you aren’t freshmen anymore, start taking more initiative and focus on school.” – Zach Stanley

“Listen to the clichès because they’re generally right, like hard work pays off!!” – Abel DeAnda

“For new coming freshmen, I’d say join a club or sport you have an interest in. This way you’ll be able to have better connections with your classmates and those in charge of the clubs (teachers/coaches) in and outside the classroom. It may be hard to introduce yourself during the first weeks of freshmen year, but finding people that share the same interest as you will make you more comfortable to let yourself out. It’ll also show what kind of student you are and you’ll be able to learn new things down the line. Academic performance is important too, so keeping your GPA up above a 3.0 is good. Also if you’re doing sports and maintaining that GPA, it will show your teachers that you know how to manage your on time, which is very impressive in their eyes. For the new sophomores, I’d say that you can start thinking about a college that you are interested in, but not to be too worried about it until it’s junior year. Focus on your education and try to be a part of the high school spirit because by the time it’s junior year, you’re gonna have to start keeping your grades up/ACT score so it’ll look good in college. Participate in clubs or sports if you can. If you don’t want to at least show up to a game to support your classmates/friends, attend events like dances and pep rallies. Also, be nice to everyone and don’t worry about not being friends with everyone because that’s a waste of time. All you need is just one or two good friends that you can hang and relate with. Being popular in high school isn’t as important as it’s made out to be, so enjoy yourself. Do whatever you think what’s best for you, but don’t look back and regret about things you missed out on.” – Fred Bautista

“Freshmen: Always be yourself don’t change for anyone. Get organized because it’ll help you make positive study habits. Sophomores: Try and find a balance between social life and school; work hard! Juniors: Take test prep classes and take the ACT as many times as you can; start looking at colleges now. Seniors: Mend any broken friendships or relationships and try to live drama free; enjoy your last moments of high school.” – Ruthie Owens

With these tips in mind, the class of 2017 will be leaving DePaul College Prep with their influence marked in the community. From the DePaul community, we wish the seniors good luck as they continue their path beyond high school.

Before the goodbyes roll in, the seniors will be celebrating their time at DePaul College Prep at the Baccalaureate Mass and at graduation.

Baccalaureate Mass: Friday, May 19 – 7pm – St. Hyacinth Basilica (3636 W. Wolfram)

Graduation: Saturday, May 20 – 10am – DePaul University Sullivan Athletic Center (2323 N. Sheffield Ave.)