Shoni Herrera, Senior Editor

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In less than one month, on April 28th, the best day of the year is yet to come for all juniors and seniors! Girls, be ready to show off your beautiful dresses and boys, be prepared to wear your nice-fitted tuxedos with a touch of cologne too!

Prom is a traditional event that occurs once a year. Students party with friends, dates, or even in groups! The juniors and seniors are going to dance for hours at a fancy location. This year, prom will take place at Pazzo’s 311 in downtown. Anyhow, students are going to take selfies, listen to pop or romantic music like Beyoncé or Bruno Mars, and spend time with everyone overall!

Now, what are some tips for a spectacular prom night? Here are some of the following…

  • Wear comfortable shoes to dance, but not socks and sandals.
  • Make sure to bring your school ID.
  • Always come on time before the doors closes.
  • Bring cameras / phones to take pictures or videos on the special night!
  • Be respectful towards each other (Don’t judge how one looks).
  • Remember to be aware of long dresses with the stairs!
  • Do not wear inappropriate clothing.
  • Go with the flow if not what you expected.
  • Meet new people and dance together!
  • Compliment each other by how one looks!
  • Appreciate the night because there is no reason to be upset.
  • Enjoy the night with everyone!