DePaul College Prep Talks High School Relationships

Mr. Decarlo's Marriage Class

Stephanie Nguyen, Junior Writer

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High school is a time that can mean different things for people. Some use this time to prepare themselves for their future, while many believe that high school is a time to experiment and grow. As students become older and more mature, dating becomes a subject. While there are some who do not participate in this activity, everyone is entitled to have their own opinions of high school dating. To figure out how the student body and faculty views this subject, Mr. DeCarlo, teacher of the Christian Morality and Marriage class, assigned his class a project. In this assignment, students John Pooley, Nicolas Ramirez, Grace Busch, Yeshay Choden, and Stephanie Nguyen interviewed students and teachers questions about high school relationships. Responses spanned different ages and generations, giving a variety of answers. To see how DePaul College Prep answered questions regarding relationships in high school, watch the video below!