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Avenue Meets DePaulia

Jennifer Castaneda, Junior Writer

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The journalism club took a field trip to DePaul University last Friday. The reason was to give the club members an idea of how news publications operate and a basic overview of courses that dealt with journalism. As a member of the club, I would say that my overall experience was inspirational and captivating. We got the chance to meet the editors and writers of the publication titled as “The DePaulia.” They explained their purpose in what they did for this publication. There’s a wide range of topics that are discussed, such as current events, culture, entertainment, opinion articles and the list goes on.

We were given a brief informational introductory to journalism as a curriculum within the university. The professor discussed career possibilities, internship programs, unique aspects, real-word cutting edge facilities, post graduate paths and faculty highlights. The possibilities are endless when it comes to journalism. Examples like being a reporter, writer, publisher, editor, blogger, and producer are just a few out of many that can be pursued to a passionate student who thrives in a career of communication. The university has internship programs that allows junior and seniors gain experience in that kind of work field when requirements are met. However what surprised me the most is the remarkable achievements that the student newspaper, radio station and other sources of media within the university has accomplished. For example, Radio DePaul has been named Best College Radio Station in the nation. The College of Communication and the sources of media within DePaul University serves a mission to inspire and spread creativity.

Once the meeting was over, we were greeted with a table full of food. The tour continued as we headed to a dorm building and were to lead the basement. In there we got the chance to meet a couple of the editors, graphic designers and writers. Each of them politely introduced themselves and explained their purpose in the school’s newspaper. We got the chance to ask questions that dealt with the curiosity of how it was like to be part of such an influential publication. One of the editors named Rachel discussed pieces of work that she has written about such as sex assault within the campus, university news, and she also mentioned about recently getting an internship. Another editor who is part of the arts and life section of the newspaper discussed fun experiences like meeting celebrities, going to events, and other sources of entertainment. Graphic design is used to create creative images for the newspaper and each member got a newspaper that showed one of the designs that the graphic design put together with the help of editors as well. The best part of the publication is that everyone worked with each other and since all of them share the same passion, it seems that it was easier for them to get along. They put many hours of their day to create something that could be shared and appreciated by others. Along with the Radio Station crew, I’d say that those students that we met today are truly inspiring and intellectually driven with burning passion for journalism. At the end of the day, all of the members in the club were filled with such interest and motivation that I know our club is always open to improvement and although we aren’t professionals, I could say that every member in our club has just the same amount of willingness and potential as the DePaulia crew.

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Avenue Meets DePaulia