Periodic Table Completed

Shoni Herrera, Senior Editors

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Mrs. Rodriguez and her IB chemistry students have completed research on the new elements recently added to the periodic table by The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

According to IUPAC, the new elements were named after…

  • A mythological concept or character (including astronomical objects)
  • A mineral or similar substance
  • A place, or geographical region
  • A property of the element
  • A scientist

The new elements ending with “-ium” are for all groups excluding halogens and noble gases. Halogens would end with “-ine” and the nobles gases conclude with “-on.” The new elements listed in English would also allow translations for other major languages. On November 30th, the students celebrated the 4 newly named elements by placing the elements onto the table. Check out the video below for information on the new elements.