Is Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas a trick or treat for Halloween?

Avery Downes, Freshman Writer

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In honor of Halloween, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas has been played countless times by families across the world. The story starts with a young skeleton named Jack Skellington who is discontent with his job in Halloween town. He travels to the other holiday realms, and comes across his new favorite holiday, Christmas. This new holiday season is interesting to Jack because of the cheer, snow, presents, and Santa Claus. Fascinated, he decides to become the next Santa. Determined to accomplish his goal, he sends out for Santa to be kidnapped. Let’s just saw trying to be Santa isn’t easy when all you know is how to be scary.

Without letting any other details out, the Nightmare Before Christmas is a great family movie that isn’t too scary for the little kids to watch. Like a typical Tim Burton movie, the characters are drawn in such a creepy way to fit a Halloween theme. No characters seem out of place, and there are a lot of hidden messages throughout the story to make you think a little deeper.

Overall, the movie is a wonderful way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. A combination of fear and fun are sure to get your family ready for the holiday. Also, if you are looking for a creepy Christmas movie this ON would fit the occasion perfectly.