Is Lemonade Sweet or Sour?

Stephanie Nguyen, Sophomore Writer

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What do you do when life hands you lemons? Beyonce decided to create an album entitled, Lemonade. The “Queen B,” Beyonce, shook the music industry when she dropped her sixth studio album on April 23, 2016, three years after her last album, Beyonce. The American singer-songwriter released the album, along with a television premiere on HBO. To promote her album, she released a single called, Formation, which focuses on the theme of women coming together. When Lemonade was finally sent out into the world for all to hear, it went straight to number one on the Billboard 200, earning Beyonce her sixth number one album. Produced by Columbia Records and her own management company, Parkwood, Lemonade contains 12 songs, with a couple of songs featuring other artists, such as, The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, and many more.

From the song selections featured on Lemonade, there were a couple that stood out. In particular, 6 Inch, a girl power anthem, features the pop r&b artist, The
Weeknd. Beyonce has been the face of feminism, and this song represents all independent women everywhere. The song itself pushes women to work hard for what they want and to do it with confidence in your “6 inch” heels. The music behind the lyrics features jazz vibes, giving a more dramatic tone to the song overall. Out of all of the tracks, however, Freedom, is the most significant. It sends a powerful statement from Beyonce about how she is in control of her life, and her happiness. Some call this song an anthem for African Americans. Featuring Kendrick Lamar, a popular rapper, the two artists tackle injustices through their talents as musical composers. Lastly, Beyonce offers a couple of love songs, particularly, Love Drought. This song creates, lyrically, a story of someone who is experiencing dishonesty with their partner. It is about the importance of b
eing a team in a relationship and that by working together, “you and me could move a mountain.”

After listening to Lemonade, it is evident why the album was such a success. With the combination of strong vocals and lyrics, there is something everyone can enjoy. The message of independence and strength was consistent throughout, something not uncommon in any Beyonce album, giving the audience a sense of power. Beyonce proved what she would do if life handed her lemons, but the question is, what would you do? Try giving Lemonade a listen on Tidal or on iTunes, which could be useful in making you believe that you’re just as fierce as the Queen B when tackling the world.