The New Sound of The 1975

Stephanie Nguyen, Sophomore Writer

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The 1975, an alternative rock band originating from Wilmslow,
Cheshire, United Kingdom, released their second new album I Like It When You Sleep,
for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It. With seventeen tracks in total, it is definitely
different from the sound they displayed in their debut album and EPs.
The album was named after a quote that member, Matthew “Matty” Healy said to an ex-girlfriend. The colors
associated with the band have made a dramatic change, from black and white, to pink and white,
symbolizing their new sound. To promote their album, they gave their fans a preview of a few
tracks before the release date, including, Ugh!, Love Me and The Sound. The
tracks range from a variation of different types of music, with two instrumental songs, and a few
acoustics, quite different from their usual electropop songs. This album sounds very different
from their past music. Their well-known sound changed from electropop to more of an 80’s vibe. When first listening to  the tracks, they  do give off a completely different vibe of the band, but after a couple of
listens, it does grow on you. The album opens with a track named after the band, The 1975,
which is one of their instrumental songs. By having an introduction track, it allows listeners to
know the band musically, and what is to be expected in this album. Some of the stand outs in
the album were: She’s American, Loving Someone and The Ballad of Me and My Brain. She’s
American obtains a pop sound with bit of jazz, and a strong 80’s vibe. Loving Someone, my
personal favorite, has a certain funky sound to it, combing a chill transition to the chorus where it
comes to a slow stop, where Matty, leading vocals, sings “loving someone,” repeatedly with an
echo effect. The Ballad of Me and My Brain is heavily centered around the drums and is the
closest representative of their classic sound that they are known for.

I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It by this British rock
band, The 1975, contains very prominent 80’s sounds, giving this album such a different
overview than their past album. This change in the 1975’s sound could either be hated or loved.
Currently, there are mixed emotions on rather this was a smart move on the band’s part.
However, you can decide for yourself by having a listen to this revamped sound.