Prepping for the Future

Mia Anderson, Junior Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year high school students worry about most. Standardized testing happens all through high school, but there are two tests which students focus on the most, the nerve-racking ACT and SAT. Taking the SAT and ACT can be pretty stressful on students, especially seniors applying to college. 

For bad test takers or those that are nervous or worried about doing well, there are solutions! 

There are many SAT and ACT classes students can sign up for that will help improve scores, take stress off their shoulders, and generally make you feel more prepared. Taking these prep classes helps a student understand what they should expect on the standardized tests and what they need to work on if they struggle in some areas. 

Don’t worry! If you can’t sign up for the test prep classes here are some tips from DePaul College Prep teachers to help you prepare from home. 

 “Read all the time, and read as much as possible outside of class.” Said Ms. Hogan, the junior and senior English teacher. “It is all learned skill work, in other words, the harder you work the better you do!”

So, from an English standpoint, the most important practice you can do is read as much as possible! 

Mr. Finger, one of Depaul’s new math teachers offered some tips on how to succeed on the math section. 

 “Take many practice tests…[it’s] best to go over the answers with a teacher or someone who can help.” 

Working on problems you struggle with or topics you don’t fully understand, and practicing many challenging problems over and over again may help because you never can predict what will be on these tests. 

Although the ACT & SAT are very long and hard tests it pays off if you do well. The better you do, the more attractive you will look to colleges, and the more options you’ll have. 

Many colleges even give you scholarships based on your scores, which will reduce the cost of tuition. 

It may be long and tiring to study for hours to take these boring, tedious and monotonous tests, but it will pay off for your future! 

“I would just tell students not to get discouraged by initial low scores.” says DePaul Chemistry, and IB bio teacher, Ms. Enright. 

While test scores are important, students should never have to worry about just their scores, because they never define who a person truly is. 

“My advice is to remember that people are not born good or bad at the ACT / SAT.” says Ms. Hogan. 

Good Luck to everyone taking the SAT or ACT this year! You got it!