All in for Thanksgiving Celebrations

Dulcemaria Rincon, Junior Staff Writer

On November 28, people from all over the United States celebrated Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

Students from DePaul College Prep and other schools across the country have a Thanksgiving break to enjoy their time with families.

At DePaul, there is a diverse student-body that makes up the school. Students spend their breaks in various ways because of their different cultural backgrounds.

“On Thanksgiving, I hang out with my family and just talk about ‘​chisme’ (gossip)​” answered Melanie Guadarrama, a junior at DePaul Prep.

Guadarrama has a large family, so this is a time of year in which she spends time with her uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, and siblings.

Classmate Mia Anderson, spends her Thanksgiving in her hometown of Michigan City, Indiana.

“In the morning we have a turkey bowl and it is everybody from my hometown.” At their turkey bowl, the Anderson family plays football together and enjoys fresh donuts and coffee. “After that, we have a big family dinner.”

Having a week off from school and work allows everyone to enjoy time with their families.

Danna Aguilar, a senior at DePaul, gets together with her family, but she goes to mass with them first. Aguilar emphasizes, “For us it’s important to pray and give thanks to God, especially on this day.”

Aguilar values this day as she believes that, “Thanksgiving is important because it is a time to give thanks to the Lord for the many blessings he has gifted us. Without Him, we wouldn’t be here.”

At the Rincón household, every Thanksgiving is different. Sometimes, we will go out of town and other times we stay home and celebrate.

No matter where Thanksgiving is celebrated, everyone will come together and spend time with family and loved ones.