The DePaul Prep Theater Society “Kills It” With D.O.A

Kiara Ruiz and Cristian Claudio , Junior Staff Writers

On November 22 and November 23, the Depaul College Prep Theatre Society performed D.O.A (Dead on Arrival), at Depaul University’s Healy Theatre. 

After two months of rehearsals after school every day, including Saturdays, the actors in the show were excited to perform in front of a live audience. The show managed to sell out all three performances resulting in record breaking numbers for the Theatre Society. Many students, parents, and teachers agreed that D.O.A was truly a killer show. 

  “The show was really well done and you could tell the ensemble worked well together, there was a lot of hard work put into the production.” said Junior, Parker Casey. 

 The style of the play gave it an extra edge because the Noir style is usually never done in live theatre, let alone by high school students. 

Also in the audience were members of the Illinois High School Theater Festival judges. 

The Illinois High School Theater festival is an organization that reviews and judges student productions across Illinois. Plays are judged on originality, use of space, budget and performance. 

The judges for the Illinois High School Theatre Festival couldn’t agree more that the play was a success! Out of hundreds of schools, D.O.A was selected to be a top-20 finalist to perform amongst all other high schools in the states. 

This  will be  the first time in years DePaul was able to participate in an overnight trip to perform a show. The cast of D.O.A now get to perform their incredible show to thousands of different highschool students from across the great state of Illinois. 

The festival is from January 9th through the 11th, and will be a great opportunity for the Theatre Society to practice their craft and experience a variety of different plays and forms of acting. 

Best of luck to the DCP Theatre Society. Break a leg!!!