Student Reps Help Design The New Campus

Parker Casey and Maria Kereakes , Junior Staff Writers

Earlier this year, DePaul Prep President Mary Dempsey made the exciting announcement detailing the purchase of a brand new school campus for the 2020-2021 school year. 

To encourage student participation and excitement, elected class representatives were invited to play a large role in voicing their suggestions about new campus and how it should be designed. They also act as a bridge between the student body and the staff at DePaul, and are able to express concerns and what the student body wants to see at the new campus. 

During the fall, the selected students have been able to see first hand what the current campus looks like, and what the architects have planned for the school. 

The Avenue has decided to highlight all the steps DePaul Prep is taking to create a new environment for their students. There are many differing opinions on the new campus, and to highlight these meetings, we decided to interview two student representatives, Juniors Aaron Holton and Abel Yolich.

Q : How do you think the new campus is going to affect DePaul Prep Culture?

Abel :  I feel like the new campus is going to bring out more spirit to the students and because it is a new atmosphere it is going to allow students to be more active in clubs and sports activities

Aaron : Personally, I do not think it is going to have a huge impact, if anything we are going to be the same people in a new campus. But I do think that the new campus will harbour new thoughts and ideas

Q : What are some of your goals for the new campus?

Abel : I want the new campus to be a symbol of what the Rams are.

Aaron : Some of my goals are to represent the minorities in the school, however when I refer to minorities I do not refer to one’s color of their skin I refer to all the minorities in DePaul College Prep, sexual orientation, etc. My hope is to have better representation and diversity amongst the school and that we attract scholars. We can encourage and invite people who are open minded and willing to make new experiences, and learn and grow and people

Q : What do you want to be different about the new campus from the old campus?

Abel : Lockers, my locker is way too small and I can’t fit anything in my locker. Or maybe like a ping-pong table, places where the students can play and do activities. 

Aaron : Everything. I would like for there to be more diverse faculty members, and I want my faculty members to be educated on what it means to be a minority. Seeing as that we have basically an all-white staff. I hope teachers will be educated in what it means for someone like me to be black or for someone else to be Hispanic. To know there are different experiences out there, rather than what they have been accustomed to. I want the school to be bright. I want our new campus to be open. I want recycling bins that actually go towards recycling and not go to the trash. I want a school that is conscience of the environment. I want a school that realizes that we are not the only people in the world, that there are plethora more people out there that are going through worse situations than we are. I want the school to be more accepting of that reality, I want us to talk about things, I want us to be able to have controversial discussions. 

I implore others to make mistakes, but there is a difference between conscientious stupidity and sincere ignorance. Knowing that there information that you don’t know, choosing not to educate yourself on that, that is conscientious stupidity. Sincere ignorance is simply not knowing.

Q : What do you want to be the same?

Abel : Nothing, I want things to be different. New school, new things are coming, new Abel. 

Aaron : Nothing. I want to keep the culture that BSU has, however I want to make it bigger. I want to bring about more representation of the female student population. I want to keep Mr. Moeller, Mr. Baum, faculty members that have an open mind and are willing to have controversial discussions, and aren’t afraid to be wrong. I feel like so many faculty members and students are often afraid to share what they think because they fear being judged. 

Q : What are some major points you talked about when you visited the new campus?

Abel : We talked about the spirit we want to bring into the school. If we want the same spirit or if we want a different aspect of what DePaul Prep is going to look like. We also talked about what we want to see in the new campus. We took a virtual tour of the campus, and we walked around. We chose what we want to see, we selected pictures. 

Aaron : The major points were vaping, and what we want the new school to be. We did a virtual walk through of the school. We looked at pictures of what we wanted the lunchroom, the hangout space and the lockers to look like. Although we picked different pictures, we had a consensus of : we want a school that is bright, we want it big, we want it to be environmentally friendly, we want it to be a caring and open environment, we want shadows to see that we are the school that

stands out. Not because we are small, dark and bleak, but because we are vibrant, outgoing and we are ready to create passionate, driven people who want to make a difference in the world 

Q : Is there anything that sticks out to you about the new campus?

Abel : Definitely coming in, when I came in it was very exciting. When I entered the lights of the building amused me. I thought that was pretty cool, instead of old, plain DePaul Prep lights

Aaron : Simply how gargantuan it is. It is very bright, one of the first things that sticks out is this walkway, and in the back there is just glass. The sun shines through the glass and it looks so beautiful as it shines onto where our cafeteria will be. It is also very colorful, in contrast to our school which is quite dark. The new campus is bright and open and makes me want to be there

As you can see, there is a lot of excitement about the new campus between students and teachers which will only continue to grow as move in day approaches.