A Fresh Perspective From the Newest Rams

Myles Stewart , Freshman Staff Writer

You may be able to remember what it was like being a freshman. The excitement of having a fresh start and the fear of a new setting— it can only lead to one of the most memorable years of high school. 

As you may know, the current DePaul Prep freshman class is the largest to date. With a whopping 179 students, there are many different opinions on how high school is going so far. 

The newest freshman class seems very confident in themselves, even with the social anxiety, adapting to a new school, and the ridiculous amounts of work being assigned. 

English teacher Ms. Cataldo stated, “the freshman class, so far, is great. I’m really enjoying the classes that I’m teaching. They have lots of personality, which comes from the really big class and I think [they’re] a lot of fun, really funny, and great.”

The freshmen seem to be excelling in three main areas: making great friends quickly, student participation, and school spirit. 

It’s evident that the students are very social. “I’m enjoying [highschool] because it’s a lot more different than grade school,” said freshman Jack Kennedy. “There’s more to do and more people to meet, and it’s overall just fun and a good learning experience.”

The students have become very active in all sports and clubs available here at DePaul Prep. Student participation and excitement are very high throughout the freshman class. They’ve been able to find different extracurriculars that interest and further engage them in the DePaul Prep community. An example would be Charlie Richardson. Charlie told me that he’ll be playing basketball and tennis, as well as running track and cross country this year. 

Finally, the freshman class has been displaying tremendous amounts of school spirit. “I think they’re adapting very well, especially with school spirit. I think that as the biggest class, [they’re] showing a lot of spirit, which we’ve been lacking,” exclaimed Ms. Cataldo. “I think [that will] be great, not only for your class, but for the entire school.”

Overall, the freshmen seem to be adapting very well to the new setting of high school. 

However, as a freshman, there are always more areas for improvement. 

Dean Greer mentioned, “[the freshmen] could work a little bit more on discipline and balancing out their energy and their willingness to make friends.”

She went on to state that the freshman need to “balance that energy and enthusiasm for being here in this community with [the ability] to listen and follow directions.”

Based on the feedback from staff and students, it is clear that the freshmen are excelling in many areas of highschool, but as always, there are things they can work on to better themselves and the community.