Ho-Co or No-Go?

Serena Tran, Junior Editor

While some geared up to raid Area 51 on September 20th, DePaul Prep students prepared for the 2019-2020 Out of This World Homecoming dance.

What was the common theme of both events? Aliens.

The night before the dance, members of Student Government rose to the occasion and took hours out of their Friday night to turn DePaul Prep into a festive and fun space. Even some non-members lent a hand, which meant decoration duties were over by 9:00pm. Props to all the students and teachers who worked hard!

 Around 7:00pm on Saturday, September 21st, students and faculty took a trip to space. While the stars were obviously fake, the temperature felt as if we were approaching the sun. 

Now, to review this year’s homecoming— was it a bust or a blast? A good Hoco, or a No-Go?

I ventured around the school and asked students to give their honest review of the night. Common complaints were the heat, the sectioning off of the cafeteria, and the teacher presence.

Many students were excruciatingly warm all night, which made the dance less enjoyable. In addition, many were upset about the fact that the majority of the cafeteria was closed off.

Due to the extreme heat in the gym and halls, students looked towards the cafeteria as a means to cool down.

However, the number of students in the small space available made the atmosphere feel cramped. To add even more insult to injury, students complained about the lack of water.

The heat + cramped space – water bottles = an uncomfortable night. 

Another critique students had was the lack of civil liberty. Many felt as though teachers were invading their personal space and would not allow students to enjoy the night.

 “The teachers were watching us like hawks, and it seemed like they were trying to find a reason to get us in trouble”, an anonymous upperclassmen stated.

Another participant said, “I understand their concern for safety, but I wish [the teachers] would have given us more room to breathe.”

Some other small complaints were the absence of the photo booth and the continuous censoring of the music (which was “annoying”, according to a junior student).

Overall, the majority stated that homecoming this year was incredibly fun. Attendees enjoyed the variety of snacks, the decorations and the people. There was high energy and smiles all around.

So what’s the conclusion?

I guess you could say the night was “out of this world”.