High Spirits for Spirit Week

Kiara Ruiz, Junior Writer

At DePaul Prep, homecoming celebrations happened all week through Ram spirit events. The “Out of This World” themes this year were Jersey Day, Twin Day, Color Wars, Hawaiian Day, finishing with Ram Pride. The last day, Friday, was Homecoming T-shirt day.

The decision making process for spirit week started in late August during the student government meetings. Members were asked to come up with ideas and write them on poster paper. Ideas like VSCO girl, meme day and culture day all circulated throughout the room. The following week, the most popular ideas were compiled and voted on by student government. 

Color Warz was the first of the “class wars”. The Seniors won the event, with the Juniors following. Class wars is a new tradition this year at DePaul Prep, sparking friendly competition between the grades. The “Bags” competition was another part of class wars during spirit week that the Junior class won. 

Victor Torres Reyes, a junior that participated in the competition said, “the competition was fun and really added to the week.”

When students were asked about how they felt about spirit week, Junior Trent Norberg said, “Spirit Week this year was the best I’ve been here, but not good enough”. 

This sentiment was echoed throughout some other students who would like some variation in the spirit days. Some other students said they would like more full dress downs to really complete spirit week. 

“ This years spirit week was really fun, but I think it could be even better with full dress downs.” said junior, Renata Ramirez. 

Another student who wanted to remain anonymous stated “I feel like the school could have raised more money if they charged the students a dollar for full dress downs on the spirit days, instead of charging 10 dollars for a homecoming shirt.” 

No matter the different perspectives, this year’s Homecoming week was one of the most successful homecoming weeks we’ve had. 

The Pep-Rally was some of the most student involvement seen at DePaul. The Rams all showed their school pride by participating in the each of the days.