Halloween Fundraising at DCP

Michael Elzinga, Senior Writer

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Have you seen those small orange boxes around? The orange boxes are where the students donate to support UNICEF. The boxes are orange to match the Halloween theme.

Every year, DePaul Prep participates in the UNICEF Donation Drive. UNICEF is an organization that is headed by the United Nations that give education, healthcare, food, and protects children at risk from violence.

Mr. Patrick Dwyer, a theology teacher, who is also in charge of the UNICEF Drive, said “Last year we collected around $800, but some of that came from a large anonymous donation. I hope we can collect at least $200, and hopefully more! I hope students and staff will be generous for this good cause!”

Another way DePaul Prep students are getting involved in community service is participating in the candy gram donations.

Leonora Asenso and Parfait Ouedraogo, are seniors at DePaul Prep. They helped run the candy gram donation stations during A period lunch.

“Candy grams are basically [for people to send and receive to each other]. For 1 dollar, they just send it to someone who they want to. Maybe the person they admire, somebody they are best friends with, and things of that nature,” said Asenso.

Candy grams were created for the purpose of entertaining the students, while getting the students to donate money.

Funds from the drive go “Back to the giving circle” and “The school community”, said Ouedraogo.

Perry Cowan Jr, is also a senior DePaul Prep. He received a candy gram.

“I liked it. I liked it a lot. When I received it, I felt really special. I felt that somebody cared about me.”

Jalena Johnston, is another senior at DePaul Prep. She was giving out candy grams yesterday and shared what her favorite part of giving them out was.

Johnston said “My favorite part was seeing the reactions on people’s faces and seeing how the class reacted to me giving people candy grams.”

Overall, students seemed to enjoy participating in the UNICEF Donations and the candy gram exchange.