The Early Bird Gets The Diploma

Jaileen Rodríguez and Becky Guzmán, Staff Writers

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​Senior year, a year where you begin to decide your future. You do not know where you are going, or exactly what you are doing, but what you do know is you have to pick a college. You could be like everyone else and follow regular protocol and apply in the winter, or you could apply for Early Action.

Early action is an option offered by many universities to high school seniors as they apply for college. It’s an early application deadline option that only some colleges and universities have.

Ms. Hassberger, a counselor at DePaul College Prep provided some information on the process.

“This is a great option for many students as it can increase potential for a student to be admitted. It also leads to more scholarship and financial aid opportunities for students, and can also allow students to enroll earlier, and therefore, register for classes sooner.”

There are pros and cons in any decision you make in your life. When it comes to applying to college, a student should really think about both of those.

Genesis Baggett, a senior who is applying Early Action said, “It is smart to apply early but there’s a lot of pressure on that first semester. We are teenagers we want to take it slow to start off the year, but if you want to get into a college with early action, you need to buckle down in school a lot earlier.”

Of course applying early does not guarantee your acceptance to the college or university of your choice, you have to make sure your application and profile is good enough for you to get in.

As students we …are not always sure what exactly we need to be or do, especially when it comes to applying to colleges. Which is why Ms. Hassberger was kind enough to give us a little rundown on what us as students need to do.

“The application, the amount of effort put into the essays, and making sure you fulfill the requirements of the schools themselves.”

At the end of the day you will have to apply somewhere if college is something you want to attend. The only thing us students have to ask ourselves is, are we going to be the early birds and get the diploma?