DePaul Prep Celebrates “Day of the Dead”

Maria Kereakes and Dulce Rincon, Sophmore Writers

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On November 2nd, Spanish Honors Society and the Spanish Club will have a Day of the Dead celebration. This is the first year in which both clubs will come together to celebrate this Hispanic holiday.

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday in which dead ancestors are remembered and celebrated. Some families decide to make an altar to display foods and objects that the deceased family members used to like.

DePaul has put a Day of the Dead altar in the front lobby to highlight these Hispanic traditions.

“We have a large Hispanic population here at the school. I think we should be recognizing the rich and beautiful traditions that Hispanics have contributed and celebrate. People can learn more about their classmates and also recognize the great diversity and remarkable traditions that we have here at DePaul Prep,” said, Ms. Bidstrup, a Spanish teacher at Depaul and the Spanish Honors Society leader.

Although Halloween and Day of the Dead occur during the same week, they differentiate in many ways.

“When I think of Halloween, I think of terror and scares … while in Mexico, especially with this tradition, we see the skulls and skeletons dancing. It’s about the attitude regarding death that changes the qualities completely,” said Bistrup.

Last year, Spanish Honors Society painted mini-pumpkins with Sesame Street characters, and skulls with names on them. Many students brought foods to share as they watched “The Others,” a horror movie by Alejandro Amenábar, a director of Hispanic origin.

This year, Bidstrup mentioned that the movie that was going to played was “Veronica”, which is a Spanish movie. Students enjoyed this horror movie as they painted pumpkins and skulls which are significant to the Day of the Dead.

Foods were brought in by students such as tamales, tequeños: a Venezuelan fried cheese stick, cookies, and rice. The event brought both clubs together as everyone enjoyed their time there.