Meet DePaul Prep’s New Principal

Sam Hunt, Staff Reporter

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DePaul Prep has undergone significant changes since its re-opened its doors in 2014.

Last year, DePaul’s former principal, Dr. James Quaid, left for Fenwick High School to serve as director of Student Services and Enrollment. Taking over this role is Dr. Megan-Stanton Anderson.

Dr. Megan-Stanton Anderson is the latest addition to the Depaul Prep Leadership team. The new principal took over responsibilities of the school in July and is ready to lead this school towards new horizons.

Growing up as the oldest of many siblings Dr. Anderson found herself teaching many of them. This is what inspired her to become and educator for her career.

The new principal has spent the last 25 years in education. She started her career working as a teacher and administrator for the Long Beach school district in Los Angeles, California.

In 2006 she began work in Chicago as the principal from Alphonsus Academy for the Arts. While there, she instituted a new curriculum and introduced technology and the arts into teaching.

Dr. Anderson wants to make our community a better place. She has been listening to the Depaul Prep community about their needs.

“My favorite part of working at DePaul is being able to talk with students and listening to their input.”

Dr. Anderson expressed how she wants to take the input of all the students into consideration. Dr. Anderson had meetings with students to gather insight into how the school could be made a better place overall.

Through her extensive work experience and years of working with students, Dr. Megan-Stanton Anderson is set to make Depaul Prep an even better place than it is, with an eye of the future.