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La Biznaga: Best tacos in Chicago?

John Pooley, Senior Writer

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When you first walk into La Biznaga, you can tell it’s going to be great quality, authentic Mexican food. It is a cute little space which, in Chicago, usually translates to great food. You sit down and someone comes right over with a basket of beautiful golden chips piled high, followed by three kinds of salsas. The Verde and red salsa are the classic salsas that you find at most Mexican restaurants in the city. However, La Biznaga wants something to set them apart. They bring each table a bowl of roasted red peppers, which have a slight warmth to them. This salsa is by far the most addicting with the chips. Its smooth texture and warmth just keep making you put your hand back into the chip basket, which then goes right for the roasted peppers.

As you take a look at the menu, so many items, some with pictures, call out to you. Burritos, tostadas, tacos, you name it. The other thing you name is, however, you would like your order prepared and the chef will do his best to cater to everyone’s individual wants for their meal. My test for Mexican has always been, for some reason, the al pastor taco or burrito. So I ordered 3 al pastor tacos with extra crispy tortillas and patiently waited, all the while munching on deliciously crunchy chips and warm roasted peppers. It seemed like no time had gone by before the waitress set the tacos down in front of me. They were hot, with steam coming off of them and my mouth immediately filled with saliva. The tacos came with cilantro, onion, and my favorite, pineapple marinated in the pork. One bite in and I had to do a double take. I’ve been to Mexico a few times in my life, so I know what traditional tacos and burritos are like and La Biznaga delivered. These were some of the best tacos I had ever had, I would say a close second to the ones you find at a taco truck in Mexico. After I was finished, all I wanted was for my stomach to double in size so I could eat three more.

Don’t let the outside fool you. It might not seem newsworthy on the outside, but that is because the building has been in Chicago for generations. As they always say, it’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts. Well after scarfing down my three al pastor tacos, I can safely say that if you give this place a try, you will love what’s on the inside, too.

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La Biznaga: Best tacos in Chicago?