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Chicago Calls for Gun Reform at March For Our Lives

Parker Casey, Freshman Writer

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On Saturday March 24, the “March for Our Lives” event occurred in towns and cities across the United States. “March for Our Lives” is a march that brought awareness to gun violence, not only in school, but in our streets. I went to the March for our Lives in Chicago at Union Park, and over 85,000 people were at the march supporting one another. “March for Our Lives” in Chicago was organized by around 20 high school students. As we were walking in, many people were coming up to us to ask if we wanted to register to vote in order to change the gun laws in Illinois and our country. Before the speakers came up, people were holding up their signs and chanting. Some of the signs that I saw related to pop culture by using memes, while others were more serious that spoke on the different schools where school shootings occurred. Before the march happened, there were many speakers; these speakers were either in high school, college, and one in middle school. Most of these students were directly affected by gun violence. The topics that were brought up during the speeches were racism, women affected by gun violence, and having gun control, not more police. Many spoke about what happened to them and others brought their message across through poetry and dance. Many of those who performed poetry competed in “Louder Than a Bomb,” a poetry competition. After the speeches, we started to walk out on the street to march; it took a long time to get onto the street since there were so many people there. As the march begun, there were a few counter protesters standing on the curb with signs. When the march was over, the pink line was flooded with people trying to get back home.
The march was very empowering, especially hearing students my age telling stories about how their life was affected by gun violence; no one could ever imagine going through what many of them have experienced. Remember to register to vote if you are old enough so we could bring change both to our state and country. Enough is enough.

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Chicago Calls for Gun Reform at March For Our Lives