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The Problem With All the Snapchat Updates

Kiara Ruiz, Freshman Writer

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When using Snapchat version, the first thing that comes to mind is why did they change a social media app into a commercial hub. The newest update moved stories and conversation to one side of the app. With the other side being the explore page. The explore page consist of advertisements along with celebrity Snapchat stories that you can watch. The middle portion of the app is where you can create your story and edit them by altering the voice, speed, text and filter.

According to the google play store the intent of the creator is to make life more fun. They state, “Life’s more fun when you live in the moment 🙂 Happy Snapping.” This statement is slightly contradictory with the app because when you are on your phone instead of paying attention, you are not living in the moment. The apps intention is also to help people communicate over long distances.

The Snapchat app has been downloaded more than 500,000,000 times. Snapchat was created in September 2011. When the app had no filters and you couldn’t replay anyone’s stories. The app was originally launched with the name “picaboo.” The app then changed its name because of another app that already had this name.

The app is hard to use and has many consumers were confused regarding where to watch stories and who snapped them. The app also has many bugs and crashed when the introduced a feature to let you put Gifs on photos. This feature has since been removed because of all the issues it caused. The app also has a feature called SnapMaps which allows you to see which friends are nearby. This feature also could cause potential safety issues with stalkers and other things lurking on the internet.

The creators of Snapchats intent was reached through the app bringing enjoyment to people’s lives however it does not directly hit on living in the moment. Everyone should try this app, but people who have had previous versions will always remember it was easier to navigate. The app is not only a good tool in modern times, but it is a good place to learn new things. Although it has some logistical errors this app is definitely a good social media sight.


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The Problem With All the Snapchat Updates