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Darkest Hour: A Never Ending Thriller

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Darkest Hour: A Never Ending Thriller

Michael Guerrero, Junior Writer

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Darkest Hour is a historical dramatic movie that tells the story of Winston Churchill and his tenure as prime minister of England. It’s overall theme is very patriotic and thrilling and leaves the audience resonating with a taste of history.

Director Joe Wright made Darkest Hour in order to remind society of a time not too different from now. Darkest Hour was set during a time that made people fear the end of the world. This is most effectively done through cinematography that portrays a foggy Britain facing the impending iron fist of Adolf HItler. Additionally, Darkest Hour gives actor Gary Oldman a new role. Rather than being a wizard helping stop a dark threat, or a police commissioner who contacts a bat, Oldman gained a lot of wight and lost his hair in order to become the leader of Britain.

Darkest Hour focuses on political tenure rather than the choices he made. The movie begins with Churchill being an ostracized leader whose very position was in jeopardy. As the movie progresses he slowly changes for the better and sees the error in his ways. As this occurs, he slowly gains ally’s and sidelines his enemies at home. Throughout the movie, his hatred for Hitler is evident rather frequently. In the end, with a new sense of moral and faith in his country, Churchill not only overcomes the threat at Dunkirk, but gives one of the most popular speeches in history.

Darkest Hour was a very powerful and thrilling movie that keeps its audience at the edge of their seat the entire time. Time really flies as the movie progresses as the thought of leaving before it’s over seems ridiculous. It has a fluid tone that creates a constant fascination with every action Churchill does. In essence, even though everything that happened already happened and is already known, but the movie makes its audience wish they were there right next to Churchill.

Darkest Hour properly sets up the groundwork for more fascination about Winston Churchill, and his life beyond the movie. Additionally, through is astounding acting and music used, it sucks the audience inside the movie, almost making them forget reality. Overall, Darkest Hour is a movie that effectively leaves the audience wanting more, and properly creates a sense of drama.

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Darkest Hour: A Never Ending Thriller