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The Switch From All-Girls to Co-Ed for Kate Stutts

Magdalena Ellett and Zachary Burhans

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Changing schools mid-year can be a very difficult process, but going from an all-girl school to a co-ed school is a completely different dynamic. Kate Stutts, a transfer from Regina Dominican High School, sat down to give us insight on what it is like transferring from an all-girls school to a co-ed school. Below is the interview  that shares some details about her entire experience.

Q: How did you like it at Regina?
A: I liked it a lot, like, I liked how everyone was really caring and I could focus. I liked how there was a lot of opportunities to where I would not be scared to join something new.
Q: What was your favorite thing about going to an all-girl school?
A: My favorite thing was I really did not have to care about what I looked like. I could literally just throw a messy-bun up and I did not need to do anything. I was always greeted by my friends and they would not be focused about what guys think. There was also a lot of baked goods.
Q: What did you not like about Regina that caused you to transfer?
A: Mainly the commute, but I feel like the staff did not reach out to the students as much as they should have. They were not as committed, although they promote that. I just felt like I did not have that much of a connection with the staff members and I just did not feel that comfortable there.
Q: What are some major differences between an all-girl school like Regina, compared to a co-ed school like DePaul?
A: I would say, the major differences, is I feel as if for an all-girl school, I knew every person there and I had good friendships with all of them. At DePaul, it is the same thing, everyone knows each other, but we all have our own groups. Another difference is, I feel like the whole environment, or hype, for sports was not as big as DePaul’s. At DePaul we have a big basketball team and football team, unlike Regina, so there is always something to look forward to on the weekends. At Regina, it just was not as mainly focused on sports.
Q: What are some of the main reasons you transferred?
A: I transferred because I wanted to be closer to my house, because I live downtown, the commute was like an hour everyday going to Wilmette. Lots of my friends are already here, and I feel like I already fit in really well. I originally wanted to go here, but I thought Regina would be good. But then it became too stressful and there just was not much to look forward to even though I loved it.
Q: What do you like about DePaul?
A: I like how everyone is really nice. I also like how there are a lot of opportunities, course-wise, there are a lot of engineering and technological courses. Compared to Regina, we just did not have that much there, so I find that interesting. I also like how there are more competitive sports here.

Kate at Regina Dominican High School

Kate, at DePaul College Prep

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The Switch From All-Girls to Co-Ed for Kate Stutts