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Chicago Women March Downtown

Matthew Almendras, Sophomore Writer

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The Chicago’s Women’s March was on January 20, 2018. It took place at Grant Park with over 300,000 participants. At the march, people wore pink hats, with many bringing signs with them. Many of the marchers’ signs were very clever. But why did people march at the women’s march? A post from Instagram says, “On Saturday a year later we did it again, and it was truly just as amazing and so energizing as last year when we united in anger with everyone in Chicago and worldwide. This time, however, we united for justice and correcting the wrongs. It’s time to clean the house, the Senate, and the White House!”

“I am marching so women can have equality and rights… For equal pay, fair treatment of women, for stopping sexual harassment, for electing people in office who respect our rights to do what we want with our bodies,” said a marcher, who has been marched for women for 40 years.

But people did not just march for rights for women.

“We need to fight [for] what is going on. As a woman, I’m very cautious because women are connected to their whole family, with their children, and with people in their family. I think that like me myself, I’m very sensitive to the needs of all people. I don’t just care about certain people. I’m against white supremacy, I’m against nazi-tism, I’m against the KKK, and I think that the needs of all people are important. So we need to make sure that we maintain our democracy. I want women and everybody to vote… I think everybody is entitled to healthcare, a good public education, and to have similar rights respected. And I don’t see that being promoted under the administration,” stated a marcher, Helen.

Another marcher, Pan, stated, “I’m marching because we are in a situation that’s in a unique government right now where our democracy is under threat. And the government is becoming more and more similar to countries that have fascist governments, where it is becoming an oligarchy where only the richest… the richest 1% where their needs are catered to and the needs of businesses that are extremely wealthy and the middle man and the poor are being disregarded and swept under the rug. [People] are having benefits taken away and in some cases, deported, because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs.”
The women’s march is a march to speak out against all inequalities such as racism and our government. A topic people marched for in the women’s march was concerning our current government and how it catered mostly to the wealthy. They would also like for more women to be elected into offices that would voice all people’s opinion.





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Chicago Women March Downtown