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DePaul College Prep Enrollment Numbers on The Rise

Marc Nistor, Senior Writer

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Esnrollment numbers are on the rise for DePaul College Prep for the class of 2022. According to Ms. Oliver they have had over 300 students test compared to under 270 last year. Additionally, over 200 hundred students have been accepted thus far. The registration period will begin in February and a true number will be able to be given out. In the past few years, DePaul Prep has been implementing a significant amount of new strategies to entice students to attend the institution. Initiatives such as acceptance videos, grade school basketball nights, and mega cross country meets show what the school has to offer and help encourage parents of prospective students to join the institution. Shadow days, however, still remain the largest source of recruitment for the school. Dozens of private high schools have been closing in the area, so how will DePaul Prep stand out from the rest of the schools? Ms. Oliver says that, “We have had a lot of students from St. Bens and Luther look at the school in the past year. Our goal is to try to make the process of transferring schools less dramatic and make the student feel welcome, as if they have been part of the school community the whole time.”

As a transfer student from Luther North College Prep, one major objective I believe that DePaul should seek is more individual help on getting settled into a new location. For students that have social anxiety, this would be extremely beneficial in convincing them to attend this institution. Some things which have helped this issue is the introduction of student ambassadors, which are students that  promote the image of the school both in and out of the school environment. All in all, the future of DePaul prep looks to be very bright and long lasting.

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DePaul College Prep Enrollment Numbers on The Rise