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Spring Play Finishes Casting

Matthew Podgorny, Senior Writer

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The DePaul College Prep theatre society has just finished casting for the spring play, Loyalties and Assumptions.  This play is different from others because it is a total of nine mini plays and not one large scale performance.  Each of the nine plays averages around 10 minutes each.  The actors who are taking part in this performance are Dash Gabryszewski, Sabrina Nguyen, Gabriel Gonzalez, Jakie Rojo, David Meyer, and Cristian Claudio  

This is Cristian’s first time being in a play, and when asked about how he feels he responded, “Pretty good, the entire cast is made up of good actors and everyone’s so nice.”  All of the cast seems to have a good relationship with one another, making for a show that is sure to be good.  Most of the actors show up Monday through Saturday, but some of the minor characters only show up on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  When asked how she felt about the play, Sabrina said, “I’m very excited for the upcoming play because it’s a mixture of comedy and drama.  I think what it will do is make people realize that what is going on in the world is something not to be bothered with.”  The cast is very much enthused to be apart of the play and are working ever so diligently to make it something they will be proud of.  After observing a rehearsal it seems like the whole cast is full of energy and are enjoying the roles they have gotten.  The cast has started working on lines, some even have parts memorized already.  Mr.Bryant offers notes between essentially every line, adding more to the performance as a whole.  He seems to enjoy his time working with everyone. The play is set to open on March 9th and 10th of 2018. 

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Spring Play Finishes Casting